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My mantra is: you cannot know where you are going unless you know where you’ve been.  Foster City celebrated our 50th anniversary in 2020.  As we look forward to the next 50 years, it’s important to not lose sight of what has made our Master Planned community unique and special to all of us.  I believe that T. Jack Foster’s vision should inform our future as we work together to ensure Foster City remains our “Isle of Blue Lagoons.”  We need leadership that’s grounded in our local history with an eye toward the future.

I look forward to sharing with you my vision for Foster City and how we can continue to build on what’s made Foster City great. During this campaign, I want to hear from you — your ideas, your stories — and I hope to earn your support this November.

I have put up some links to key questions from recent events. The responses to League of Women Voters were limited in time to one minute.  Please listen to Podcast By The Bay for more in depth answers to on many of these topics, including about Mariners Point.  See the "Events" page to learn more. https://evan4fc.com/events/ 

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Overview of Foster City

Activate Our Waterways

Foster City's unique selling point is our waterfront and lagoon system. We need to return to our roots as a community focused on the lagoon and bay front.

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Economic Sustainability

Economic Sustainability

Our local economy needs to be diversified and grown for a sustainable future.

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Foster City

Environmental Sustainability

The condition of Foster City's lagoon system is simply untenable. Our beaches need to be open.

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Modernizing Our
City Codes

We need to plan now for Foster City’s next 50 years. As our homes and buildings age, we need to reexamine our building codes and standards

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Maintain Public Safety

We must keep our community secure and protected through continued support of police, fire and essential city services.

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