Podcast by the Bay Interview
October 20th 2022

Questions from the Podcast Interview:
(I'll post direct clips soon, but my (Evan's) interview starts at: 28:30) 

  • What would you like to say to the Residents and Voters of Foster City? & Conclusion: what is your website address where people can find out more info about you and your campaign?

    • Public Safety & Crime (start-1:45)

    • Transparency & Public Outreach (1:45-2:20)

    • Mariners Point, Golf Course

      • Meetings, Land Use Pledge (2:20-4:10

      • Position & 6 Points (4:10-9:30)

      • Philosophy (9:30-10:30)

      • Conclusion (10:30-end)

League of Women Voters Forum

October 11th 2022

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