Overview of Foster City

Activate our Waterways

Foster City's unique selling point is our waterfront and lagoon system.  We need to return to our roots as a community focused on the lagoon and bay front. I want to encourage better use of our waterfronts by increasing small business and protecting and improving our parks. I think it would be a welcome addition to Foster City if residents and visitors could rent a bike to ride along the levee, buy a cup of coffee and stroll along Leo Ryan Park, or grab an afternoon ice cream after spending the day kayaking.

Economic Sustainability

Our local economy needs to be diversified and grown for a sustainable future. Foster City's master plan called for local shopping centers in every neighborhood. The vitality of our community has been harmed by losing so many shopping centers and continued vacant and blighted retail. We must attract tenants to our empty shopping centers. We need to cut red tape and support a vibrant citywide business community. We need big and small business for our community to thrive, and our government needs to streamline and empower their future success.

Economic Sustainability
Foster City

Environmental Sustainability

The condition of Foster City's lagoon system is simply untenable. Our beaches need to be open. The regular San Mateo County Health warnings against contact with our water is a tragedy unaddressed for at least a decade.  Our waterways should be a destination that attracts residents and visitors.

We need a long-term plan to ensure we have clean, safe waterways:

  • Conduct and transparently publish for the public the recommend circulation study of the entire lagoon system, not just the three beaches
  • Prioritize clean and well-maintained beaches and waterfronts
  • Accelerate the plan to address our water circulation and contamination issues through required dredging

Modernizing Our City Codes for
50 More Years of Success

We need to plan now for Foster City’s next 50 years.  As our homes and buildings age, we need to reexamine our building codes and standards.  We must make it easy for people to remodel their homes and adapt for multi-generational housing.  Building Net Zero buildings should be encouraged and streamlined.  All future development should be focused on enhancing the character of our city.

Architecture planning of interiors designe on paper
Fire Canva Pro Pic

Maintain Public Safety

We must keep our community secure and protected through continued support of police, fire and essential city services.  We need investment in retention, training and technology to keep Foster City safe.